Box Sets

Box Sets

Our Box Sets are one of the best values you will find for any watch in our category. Just pick any two straps of your choice from the dropdown menu's and you'll be all set. You can find the different straps in the horizontal scrolling images below. The Box Sets make a great gift and can be used as a protective case when traveling or storing away your watches in-between use.

Box Set

* Please note that the patterns on the straps may vary as each strap is unique and different sections of the fabric are being used.


Strap Options

Baltimore - 20mm

Charlotte - 20mm

Columbus - 20mm

Connecticut - 20mm

Denver - 20mm

Detroit - 20mm

Fresno - 20mm

Memphis - 20mm

Milwaukee - 20mm

Minneapolis - 20mm

Omaha - 20mm

Sacramento - 20mm

Scottsdale - 20mm

Tulsa - 20mm

Washington - 20mm